CHAPEL HILLS GOLF CLUB - scorecard/tournament rules of play

Scramble ("Best Ball")

Stepping Stones Foundation

  • Here's how the Scramble Format works:

  • Each golfer on the team hits a drive.

  • The results of the drives are compared. Which one is best? That ball is selected and marked, and the other golfers on the team pick up their golf balls and move them to that location.

  • The second strokes are played, and the process repeats: Select the best ball, move the other balls to that spot and play the third strokes.

  • And so on, until the ball is holed for one team score.

  • When moving golf balls to the spot of the selected shot, the other golfers on the team can play from within one-club length of the original spot, but that one-club length cannot be closer to the hole, or improve the lie of the original ball.

  • It's up to the team to decide on the order in which each teammate plays.

  • MEN PLAY FROM THE BLUE TEES (look for the Tri-Mu Open Tee Box Marker)


  • LADIES/Seniors PLAY FROM THE White TEES (this is optional for ladies/seniors only!)